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My brain assumes everything is a spider until clearly proven otherwise. And even then, it maintains a level of suspicion. 


top gear tho



Mickey Mouse gas mask for children during WW2.


I love the way you used statistics and not just spewing vague terms to prove your point about Stand Your Ground laws, but with no disrespect, I as an American citizen feel safe knowing if an intruder were to enter my home I am justified to use force, possibly deadly, to protect my family. I am in no way justifying attacking unarmed people because they look threatening, I am instead justifying my right to protect myself from people explicitly threatening me safety in my home.


I understand your feeling, and the feeling is real and important, but our gut feelings are often incorrect.

Like, to give you an analogous example: I feel like I am going to die every time I get onto an airplane, but this gut feeling I have is wrong. Maybe I will someday die on an airplane, but if I need to go to Los Angeles for some reason, I am statistically far safer flying than I would be driving, so if one of my big goals is not wanting to die (and it is!) then I should fly, even though I feel less safe than I would if I were driving.

Similarly, you are much more likely to be murdered if you have a gun in your home than if you don’t have a gun in your home. So you may feel more safe, but statistically you are much less safe.

More importantly: Due to Stand Your Ground laws, more people are dying than would otherwise die. We know this with almost total certainty. So even if the Stand Your Ground law were providing your family some protection from a hypothetical home intrusion, I fail to see how this would justify the deaths of hundreds of non-hypothetical human beings. 

And most importantly: The laws we are discussing do not involve the so-called “castle doctrine.” In almost every state in the U.S., it’s legal to shoot someone who has broken into your home. (This may be a bad idea when it comes to minimizing your chance of dying, but it’s not a crime.) The Stand Your Ground laws being publicly debated in the U.S. right now apply to locations outside your home.

I was wondering how my name got on that list of poet tumblrs that is floating around… and then I noticed it’s on there twice.

1.I did not do that shit. 
2. I am astounded that there are apparently two people who think I belong on a list next to some of those ridiculously great poets. Or one person who forgot they’d already put me on there once.

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If your un-vaccinated child passes along a life threatening disease to the children of any of the people I love, I will hunt you down and purposely infect you with whatever disease you aren’t vaccinated for, lock you in a fallout shelter with enough food and water to ensure you die of that disease rather than starvation, and set up a closed circuit television which shows a constant video of a syringe with the vaccine for your disease in it, a clock to ensure it’s not just a still image, and a counter indicating the number of people who have died of the disease your child passed along.